The course itself is starting to take shape and thankfully the incessant rain has somewhat abated. The weather throughout March being the wettest on record has made for a very difficult start to Spring and resulted in the golf course being heavy underfoot with some hole closures staying in place for longer than normal.

Our green-staff have been working tirelessly through these difficult conditions to get the course ready for the competition season and upcoming Inter-Club matches.

The new tee box at Hole 4 and the new 18th hole will be opening towards the end of May. It had been hoped to do this in the middle of May but the weather has put this back a couple of weeks.

Iain and his team have been working on fairway mowing lines and of course setting up for the new 18th opening They have also been working on the definition of the collars and approaches to the holes.

Golfers are spoiled with “television golf” these days, but it is hoped that members will appreciate the work going on behind the scenes through the Development Committee and on a day to day basis through Iain and his team to provide them with the best experience possible when they take to our course.


Progress on the new 18th

I’m sure everyone who has passed the 18th on their way to the clubhouse will agree that it will provide us with both a challenging and spectacular finish to our round of golf.