The Club were advised by its drinks suppliers, of an across the board increase in the price of all drinks with effect from the 3rd April.

Council decided to absorb the increases during the month of April while the reaction of other establishments was assessed. All have now applied the increases to varying degrees with the cost of a pint now inching closer to £5.00 in some venues and having exceeded this price in others.

Council has approved an increase in the cost of almost all drinks in the Bar with effect from the 1st May to reflect the increased cost to the Club.

For our biggest seller, draught beer, the price of a pint will rise from £4.20 to £4.50. Members whose subscriptions are up to date and who use their Club card will continue to avail of generous discounts of at least 10% per product. For draught beer the discount applied has been adjusted so that the price of a pint to members using their card will rise to £3.85 and not the £4.05 which a 10% reduction would produce.

Prices of other products including wines, spirits and soft drinks will also increase by varying amounts to reflect the increased costs to the Club.

Some members have mentioned that the 1/4 bottles of wine which they had previously enjoyed, appear to be no longer available or are not always in stock. This is due to supply difficulties beyond our control. Bar staff will provide measured glasses of the equivalent wines and prices have been adjusted to reflect this.

Similar supply difficulties have arisen with some full bottles of wine and Neil, the Bar Manager, has replaced these with wines of equivalent value and quality. He can advise on these products and will happily take comments on the palatability of these new wines to inform his future ordering.

Many members have commented that the use of the Club card makes it less convenient to provide bar staff with an occasional tip for excellent service, while visitors, who mainly rely on cash payments, can do so without difficulty.

For a trial period of 3 months there will be a TIP button added to the till for a member to provide a tip, where they feel one is deserved, to a bar staff member. The value of the TIP will stand at £2, or roughly 10% of the mode spend on weekend trade. The trail will be reviewed in July.

Members should note that the TIP is an optional gratuity and will ONLY be applied where a member requests it.