On Saturday 22 July 2023 a number of intrepid ladies from Co Armagh Golf Club set off to Dungannon to compete in the Ladies Newell Stores Open as part of Lady Captain Lily’s Away Day.

  The weather forecast wasn’t great and it certainly wasn’t wrong either!  As the day wore on it just got wetter and wetter but that did not dampen the spirits of the ladies from Co Armagh some of whom featured in the prizes in Dungannon.  Paula McCrory was runner-up and Lady Captain Lily won the back 9.

Lady Captain Lily very generously provided tea/coffee and scones for the Armagh Ladies before their round and ran a separate competition for which the prizes were awarded upon return to Armagh.  The winners were:

1st        Paula McCrory            36 pts

2nd       Lynne Brown              32 pts

3rd        Bernie Rice                 32 pts

4th        Lena Duffy                  29 pts

The 9 hole competition was won by Anne Cairns.

Maggie McKee was sixteen centimetres off a hole in won, winning the prize for Visitor’s Nearest the Pin at the 16th and successfully made the putt for a two.  Mary Black and Bernie Rice also recorded twos.

Accepting her prize, Paula thanked Lady Captain Lily for her generosity and wished her well for her forthcoming Captain’s Day on 29 July.

Photo 1 2
Lady Captain presents Paula McCrory with first prize

Photo 2 2
Lady Captain presents Lynne Brown with second prize