There was a great turn-out for incoming Lady Captain Lily McMullan’s Inauguration Ceremony at Co Armagh Golf Club on Sunday 1 January. 

Prior to the formal proceedings getting under way, thirty-nine ladies had competed in incoming Lady Captain Lily’s Inauguration 9-hole competition.  Upon arrival to the clubhouse a champagne drinks reception was provided for family, invited guests and fellow-golfers alike before they partook of a delicious breakfast fry or pancake stack, provided by Parklands Restaurant.

In her address, outgoing Lady Captain Karen Edgar said it didn’t seem like a year since she had accepted the Lady Captain’s brooch from Anne.  She had enjoyed her year and thanked everyone for making it possible and for their support and kindness to her.  Reflecting on her year, she said it had been full of friendship, flowers, fun, fine food and lots of fizz.  Whilst her golf had suffered a little in the early part of the summer it had peaked after her wonderful Lady Captain’s Day, when the pressure was off and there was lots of run on the ball.  She commented that, like Rory, she’d achieved a back-to-back - retaining the Millennium Trophy. 

It was now time to move on.  New experiences were just around the corner and it was time to get back to the garden.  She had been delighted to share the daffodils she had grown in the Spring.  Now that Spring was once again all around, this year’s daffodils were starting to peak through the cold wet ground.  Indeed, she had one little daffodil that had bloomed for her Christmas birthday and was happily flowering away.  She hoped that most, if not all, of those daffodils would grow again in 2023 and they would think of her and smile.

In conclusion, she said she truly believed she had been amongst friends both long-standing and new.  Signing off, with thanks, she said ‘your 2022 Lady Captain is now bowing out with lots of happy memories’, adding that it had been a privilege and an honour.

Outgoing Lady Captain Karen presented incoming Lady Captain Lily with the Lady Captain’s brooch, and thereafter Lady Captain Lily duly presented Karen with her Past Lady Captain’s badge.

At the outset Lady Captain Lily proposed a toast ‘Here’s to a bright New Year, to the things that are yet to come.  Wishing friendship and goodwill.  Remembering our families near and far and family and friends that are sadly no longer with us.  May we always be grateful for the past, find joy in the present and remain excited for the future.’

Commenting that the weather had been kind, Lady Captain Lily said she was looking forward to working with everyone in 2023, on Council, with Committee and having fun with all.  Requesting a lot of patience, she said ‘Let’s go into the New Year together.  Enjoy good golf, even the bad.  Help our club grow, support our teams, support each other and communicate’.

As Lady Captain she vowed to lead from her heart.  She said they needed to be open-minded and to build the Club for the future.  Sharing a thought to take into the new year, she said ‘always remain positive as positive anything is better than negative nothing’.  She thanked Past Captain Karen for an enjoyable year.

Lady Captain Lily said all she could give was ‘Lily’ and as the figure-head she would lead to the best of her ability.  She needed a crew and believed she had no better crew than all of those present behind her.  As a club they were moving in the direction of a One Club and she said ‘let’s all work together’.

She extended thanks to Ryan and his team, Parklands Restaurant, for the beautiful breakfast and wished them continuing success in the up-coming year.  Thanks were also extended to Brenda and all her staff; bar manager Neil and the bar staff; Richard, Ian, Andrew, Cormac, Jimmy and Gemma for all their help.

Lady Captain Lily thanked Mary, Denise and Joy for doing the cards and for a brilliant job over the previous few years.  She also expressed thanks for their help, input and advice with the 2023 Fixture List.

She thanked Ian and all the green-keeping staff, for their hard work on the course, especially in 2022, adding that they were all looking forward to the opening of the 18th.

Last but not least, she thanked Hugh for her club blazer, which she commented looked very smart.

Lady Captain Lily extended best wishes to President Paddy; incoming Captain Gerry; her incoming Vice Captain, Ellen Brady and to the Team Captains.  On 2023 team news she advised that Co Armagh Golf Club would be hosting the Junior Foursomes and Challenge Cup Ulster finals in August.

In terms of forthcoming events, weather permitting, there would be a 9-hole competition running from 5 January for 3 weeks and the Supper Evening would take place on Tuesday 31 January.

Lady Captain Lily provided details of a joint initiative, with incoming Captain Gerry, for which she sought support over the month of January, by way of donations to the Armagh Foodbank.

In conclusion, Lady Captain asked all those present, to remain seated and raise their glasses as she said ‘Always be looking forward.  You can never plan the future by the past - whatever 2023 brings it brings’.

Lady Captain Lily then called on incoming Lady Vice Captain Ellen to receive the Lady Vice Captain’s brooch.

Lady Vice Captain Ellen thanked Lady Captain Lily for inviting her to be her Vice Captain, which she said was a real honour in the history of Co Armagh Golf Club.  She vowed that she, along with the Committee and the ladies, would support her in every way they could.  She wished Lady Captain Lily every success in her year adding ‘enjoy, have fun and lets all be kind to each other’.

Photo Captions

Past Lady Captain Karen Edgar and Lady Captain Lily McMullan proudly displaying their brooches

Lady Captain Lily McMullan presents Ellen Brady with the Lady Vice Captain’s brooch

Lady Captain Lily McMullan pictured with her family