They replace the current local rules which are currently printed on the back of the scorecards
See below:

All rules numbers refer to the R&A/USGA Rules of Golf effective, January 2019.

1 Out of Bounds (Relief is available in accordance with Rule 18 )

As defined by white posts
a) beyond the boundary of the course

b) In or over the car park, clubhouse and surrounds

c) Green keepers compound

d) Areas to the right of the 5 th , 17 th and 18 th holes

2 Penalty areas (Relief is available in accordance with the provisions of Rule 17 )

As defined by yellow or red stakes

3 Immovable obstructions (Relief is available in accordance with the provisions of Rule 16)

a) The artificial surfaces and edges of roads, paths, steps, manhole covers, distance markers, and stakes bearing a name plate.

b) Relief must be taken from staked trees

4 Integral parts of the course (Rule 19)
Relief may be taken under penalty for a ball which is deemed unplayable as a result of interference by the protective fencing, or its supports, at the 4 th tee, the 7 th and the 18 th tees.

5 Abnormal Ground Conditions ( Relief is available in accordance with the provisions of Rule 16)

Relief is available for interference caused by Abnormal Ground conditions which includes animal holes, ground under repair, immovable obstructions and temporary water.

GUR includes:-

a) Areas defined by white lines .
b) Exposed rocks/stones in drains in the general area
c) The practice bunker located at the second hole.

CAGC recommends that players adopt the principles of Ready Golf