On Friday 2nd November Mrs Gail Steed Lady Captain in 2017 hosted a four-course dinner in the clubhouse for 26 Past Lady Captain’s of Co Armagh Golf Club. Also, in attendance was the current Lady Captain Mrs Elizabeth Mawhinney. 

Although this is an annual event all those attending were mindful that this is the 125th anniversary of the founding of the club and were reminded by Gail that since the founding of the club in 1893 there have been 88 Lady Captains. 

Mrs Gertrude Maxwell who was the longest serving Lady Captain (1971) in attendance took centre stage in the group photograph to mark the auspicious occasion. 



The Past Lady Captain’s golf competition was a highly contested affair with Mrs Audrey Kellet emerging as the winner of the 18 holes, Mrs June Humphries taking the 9-hole honours and Mrs Flo McCall winning the putting competition.